About me

Physiotherapy is my profession, but also an important part of my life. I find it very gratifying and also very complex, and that is why training must be continuous and essential.

For that reason every year I try to attend different courses to learn about new techniques and be able to offer the best posible service to my patients.


Since 2000

I moved to Marbella where I have been working as a self employed physiotherapist. During the first three years in a clinic in Nueva Andalucía, presently at TMC ( Triay´s Medical Centre) in San Pedro de Alcántara, and also doing home visits.


Physiotherapist of the female handball team of Estepona : Spanish Champions in their category.


Physiotherapy in the Rehabilitation Service of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation, Clínica de la Concepción (Madrid), where I worked with hospitalized patients and outpatients treating all kinds of pathologies.


Physiotherapy at the clinic of Dr de la Cerda, (Madrid). Traumatology Clinic.



International Congress of Exercise for Physiotherapy: Updating and New Perspectives. Universidad de Valencia

Updating the oficial degree for physiotherapy by the University of Cádiz

«Diagnose and treatment of Neuropathy in upper and lower limbs» Postgrade course. Taught by Arturo Such 60 hours


«Diagnosis and treatment of cervical pain, headaches and dizziness«. Postgrade course. Taught by Josué Fernández and Héctor Beltrán. 120 hours Accredited by the CFC( 12 credits).


«Physiotherapy for Achilles, Patellar and Hamstring tendinopathies«. Postgrade course. Taught by Alvaro garcía Altube. 40 hours.

«Neurodinamyc for foot and ankle injuries«. Masterclass. Taught by Carles Munne, specialist in Neurodinamyc.


«Craneosacral Osteopathy«. Postgrade course. Accredited by the ICP of Physiotherapists of Andalucía.


«Physiotherapy of the Mandibular Joint».Postgrade course. Accredited by the ICP of Physiotherapist of Andalucía.

«Structural Manipulative Therapy of the Spine and Pelvis«. Postgrade course. Accreditedf by de ICP of Physiotherapists of Andalucía.


«Neurodynamics in Clinical Practice«.- Taught by Carlos López Cúbasd, specialist in Manual Therapy and Neurodynamics.

«Myofascial Release«. Accredited by the ICP of Physiotherapists of Andalucía.


«McConnell Method in the Treatment of Knee Dysfunctions«. Accredited by the Comission for furthering of Health Professions.

«McConnell Method in the treatment of both Hip and Foot Dysfunction«.Accredited by the Commission for furthering of Health Professions.


«McConnell Method in the Treatment of Shoulder Dysfunction«. Accredited by the Comission for Furthering Education of Health Professions.


«Respiratory Physiotherapy». Organised by the Illustrious Professional College of Physiotherapists and certified by the Health Qualityu Agency.


«Dry Needling in Myofascial Pain Syndrome«. Accredited by the Comission for Furthering Education of Health Professions.


«Neuromuscular Taping«. Organised by the Illustrious Proffesional Assotiation of Physiotherapists of Andalucía.


Finished 3 year course in» Osteopathy«, taught by the Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid, endorsed by the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares.


«University Expert in Osteopathic Manual Therapies«, by the Universidad de Málaga.


Intensive course of «Sports Injuries and Inflamation«. Diploma of Manual Therapies.


«National Congress of Physiotherapy in Occupational Diseases and Accidents«, by the I. College of Physiotherapists of Catalonia.


«Biostatistics» course at the Jiménez Díaz Fundation.


«Physiology of Applied Exercise monographic theme FUERZA» . Taught by Dr. López Chicharro, Dr of Medicine and Surgery at the Complutense University of Madrid. Specialist in Physical Education and Sports Medicine.


Degree in PHYSIOTHERAPY. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Erasmus Scholarship for interships in Edimburgh: Queen Margaret College with interships at Western General Hospital ( Respiratory physiotherapy in ICU and pre/postoperative in cardiac and abdominal surgery) and McCloud St Clinic ( Traumatology and Orthopeadic pathology physiotherapy).